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It was over three decades ago that the first Choithram Supermarket and Department Store was established in the UAE. Since then, many Choithrams have come up in convenient locations across the seven Emirates. With its unbeatably high standard of quality and service, Choithrams has become a name synonymous with excellence in the region today.

True to its mission of absolute customer satisfaction, Choithrams provide the freshest fruit and vegetables and quality meats. The variety of wholesome seeded breads, light creamy cakes and croissants are baked in store every day. And the readymade chilled and hot meals are a great relief to a growing number of customers who are always on the go.

The efficiency of the chain was recognized when Choithrams was awarded the first ever "Grocer of the year" RetailME award in 2005, for overall excellence in the field of food retailing. It was a true testament to the competence of Choithrams in successfully catering to the needs of a diverse population.

Choithrams is today a successful group with associates in diverse fields like wholesaling, commodity brokerage, and manufacturing of edible and non-edible items. This rich association brings to the group a huge bank of experience and resources. Choithrams came to UAE in 1974 and has grown to a retail chain with over 55 supermarkets in the emirates.

At Choithrams we nurture and protect the brands that we sell. Brand building is a passion at Choithrams, which we perform with the diligence and experienced professionalism of years in retail marketing. Some of the brands we champion are Rainbow, Kimball, Fruitella, and Weetabix to name a few.

Food Services or HoReCa is a branch of Choithrams dedicated to the hospitality sector. The division works in partnership with major International hotels, clubs, airlines, etc.

Light Household & Garments division provides a wide range of household appliances, domestic products, toys, fashion wear, children garments, etc from 30 countries.

Logistics & Distribution: The Choithram's distribution centre ensures that the supermarkets are continuously well stocked and also serves the distribution and Food services division.

The expansion of Choithrams into Oman, Bahrain and Qatar ensures the distribution of brands into all corners of the Gulf market. Choithrams brings to the Gulf region the expertise, experience, networks and communications built up over 70 years in 25 countries.

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