To give back to communities, Choithrams continues to do its part by working with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to deliver vital food assistance to children and families in the Middle East and West Africa.

Since 2015, Choithrams has partnered with WFP to help fight hunger and malnutrition in the region and as far as West Africa, where the company also operates. As a Choithrams’ customer, your part, plays a big role, more than you may realise.

“Hunger is everyone’s business because it robs the potential of vulnerable children and communities. We are proud to partner with WFP and encourage everyone to join us in the fight against malnutrition and help achieve a world with zero hunger.”

- LT Pagarani, Choithrams Chairman

Why support WFP and its School Meals programme?

Millions of children across the world go to school with empty stomachs. Some are even pulled out of class when parents need more hands to help feed the family. That’s why, for the third consecutive year, Choithrams’ staff and customers in Dubai are uniting on a journey of solidarity to provide much-needed school meals for hungry children in the Middle East.

WFP is the United Nations frontline agency fighting hunger and malnutrition and the world’s largest provider of school meals. WFP’s daily school meals and take-home family food rations support 17 million children in more than 70 countries, and encourage families to consistently send their children to school so they can focus on their futures.

When you support WFP, your generosity is immediately put to work helping build a world with zero hunger – a word where all children get the food they need to go to school, grow up healthy, and have a chance to build a brighter future for themselves and their community.

But WFP cannot do this alone because it is 100% voluntarily funded and relies on the support of donors like you and partners such as Choithrams to achieve its mission. On average, each Dirham donated to WFP is enough to provide a nutritious school meal to a child in need, which is why every donation counts.

Learn more about WFP School Meals.

What has been achieved since 2015?

•  In 2015, Choithrams customers donated enough to distribute over 350,000 nutritious school meals to children in need. A further contribution of  almost Dhs918,287 by the Choithrams Foundation made the grand total more than Dhs1.2 million donated meals. This enabled WFP to provide nutritious school meals to 2,100 children in Benin and 7,800 children in Jordan.

•  In 2016, Choithrams and its customers continued to help WFP provide nutritious school meals to children in the Middle East and West Africa. The Choithrams Foundation made a contribution of Dhs918,287 and Choithrams customers - through their purchasing choices - helped to contribute an additional amount of more than Dhs424,000 as part of an in-store campaign that ran between September and December 2016 across all its supermarkets in Dubai.

What’s the plan this year?

From now until the end of 2017, Choithrams is going one-step further by making a donation to WFP every time shoppers snap up Goodness Foods products marked with a special sticker. For every purchase of selected Goodness Foods products in its Dubai stores and online, Choithrams will donate between Dhs1 and Dhs4 to WFP depending on the amount marked on the sticker (just Dhs1 is enough to feed a child with a nutritious school meal). Products include dried fruits, roasted nuts, rice, chilli powder, sugar and much more.

How can Choithrams’ customers help?

Choithrams supermarkets are encouraging customers to take part in building a world with zero hunger with WFP. Until 10th December 2017, shoppers in Dubai will be invited to pick up products from the Goodness Foods range marked with a special sticker and a donation will automatically be made to WFP’s School Meals Programme. It’s that simple.

How will funds raised through customers’ purchases be used?

Funds raised through this campaign will help fund WFP’s School Meals Programme wherever most needed in the Middle East. At the end of the campaign, Choithrams will announce the number of children fed through this in-store campaign as well as through the group’s additional contributions.

Is this campaign legal?

Choithrams fundraising campaign in support of WFP is a nonprofit initiative approved by the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department of the Government of Dubai, with the support of the International Humanitarian City. WFP does not promote or endorse any product or service.

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