Words by Choithrams
Date 28.08.23

If you are looking for a way to shop and do good at the same time, you might want to check out Choithrams’ latest campaign. The city’s favourite retailer has partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to launch “End Hunger with Goodness” - a campaign that aims to support WFP’s School Feeding Programmes in the Middle East region.

From September 1 to December 31, 2023, a portion of your purchases at Choithrams will go towards providing nutritious meals and snacks for children in food-insecure areas. These meals not only help them stay healthy and focused, but also encourage them to attend school regularly, it is especially helpful for girls.

WFP’s School Feeding Programmes are part of its global effort to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Choithrams has been a long-term supporter of WFP since 2015, donating more than 6.5 million meals and spreading awareness about Zero Hunger among millions of UAE residents.

L. T. Pagarani, Chairman of Choithrams, said, “While we owe it to our generous customers for the tremendous impact over the years, we look forward to reaching more beneficiaries with "End Hunger with Goodness" campaign. Research shows that school-feeding programme can increase enrolement by 9 per cent on an average. In areas where there are prevalent barriers to education, including child labour, early marriage, or gender inequalities, WFP school feeing programmes reach specific groups of children including adolescent girls and children from marginalised communities. Therefore, we should double down on our efforts to ensure no child is left behind in the quest for education. “But that’s not all. The campaign also targets specific groups of children who face barriers to education, such as child labour, early marriage, or gender inequalities. WFP school feeding programmes reach out to adolescent girls and children from marginalised communities, ensuring that no child is left behind in the quest for education.”

How can you join this noble cause? It’s simple. When you buy “Goodness Foods” products at Choithrams, marked with a special sticker, Choithrams pledges up to AED 4 to WFP’s school meals programmes. You can find these products at 28+ Choithrams stores in Dubai, online on Choithrams.com, and food apps.

Mageed Yahia, WFP Representative to the GCC, said, “Choithrams’ valuable support for WFP school feeding programmes in the Middle East region comes at a crucial time, as the number of acutely malnourished children continues to increase. It is vital to take action to improve nutrition among both children and mothers to prevent the risk of a lost generation.”

He added, “The global estimate of up to 60 million acutely malnourished children emphasizes the importance of consistent funding from the private sector partners, as well as engaging with consumers and the community at large, to effectively address this significant challenge faced by WFP.”

To help you make informed choices and adopt wholesome eating habits, the campaign also features Dubai’s popular clinical dietician Mitun De Sarkar. She will present bite-sized ideas on how to End Hunger with Goodness on social media channels. You can follow her recipes and tips and learn how to eat well and do good.

So, what are you waiting for? The next time you shop at Choithrams, remember that you are not only buying quality products, but also making a difference in the lives of millions of children. Together, we can End Hunger with Goodness.

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